The following are required forms that need to be completed, signed and turned into the Track and Field Head Coach prior to any participation in a chosen event.


1) Emergency Form
2) Concussion Info Sheet
2) Hazing Contract
3) Parent/Athlete Commitment
4) Health Exam Form
5) Rules and Goals Contract
6) Attendance Policy
At least one parent per athlete is required to join the parent booster club in order for the track and field team to be a success. Please we need everyone's support. Booster Club President Marla Guzman-Sanchez
Please check your email for next Booster Club meeting @ 6:30pm in Coach Wellingtons Room G1

Spirit Pack:
Each athlete is required to purchase a Spirit Pack for $ TBA, which includes uniform; and warm up.

Now is the time for college-bound student-athletes in the junior class to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center if you plan on participating in college athletics. Early registration promotes positive planning and involvement, bypasses the last-minute rush and helps college-bound student-athletes avoid issues that may delay their academic and amateur certifications. The registration process is easy and can be done by:

1. Logging on to the NCAA Eligibility Center's new Web site;

2. Selecting the (Fall 2010 or After) icon;

3. Selecting the (New Account) tab at the top of the screen.

4. Beginning the registration process.

NCAA 2011-2012 Rule book download

NCAA Eligibility - Fairness. Academics. Equitable Competition Webpage

The Spirit pack form is available from Coach Wellington and will be placed on the website to download (coming soon). Please fill in correct sizes for each athlete and return forms and payment receipt to Coach Wellington by Dec 17th, so each athlete can have his/her uniform at the beginning of track season. There are 3 Payment Options for paying spirit pack (all payments are to be made to tuition office-- on check please put in memo Track Spirit pack) a. pay in full $ TBA b. 2 payments of $ TBAeach (1st payment due Nov 17 and 2nd payment due by Dec 17th) c. 3 payments of $ TBAeach (1st payment due Nov 1st; 2nd payment due Nov 17th and 3rd payment due by Dec 17th).

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