Your source for a digital media legal video and audio forensic expert. From finding and recovering security camera footage for evidence, to clarifying video and audio for use in court, it's all about the investigation methodology of the evidence to uncover details that you might not find yourself.

Video recording devices are everywhere today -- smart phones, point-and-shoot cameras, home security cameras, mounted in-car in police vehicles, at traffic intersections, and in most businesses -- and crimes and accidents are constantly being captured on video and brought as evidence in cases. The goal is to help attorneys utilize their digital media evidence in court efficiently.

Types of Elements:

• Fights, sexual assaults, shootings and stabbings. Both misdemeanors and felonies

• Video recording from business security cameras

• Home security camera footage and audio of thefts, armed robbery and shootings

• Video recordings captured inside police cars

• Audio from police officer digital audio recorders (DARs)

• Video surveillance of public parks and bus depots

• Witness video captured on cellphones and smartphones

• Audio cell phone calls

• 911 calls

• Drunk driving

• Speeding assessment

• Security camera events caught on corporate surveillance systems -- such as trip and fall personal injury cases for insurance claims and internal corporate theft

• Car accidents

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