Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all qualified forensic audio and video experts the same.
A: No. All techs are different in their ability and methodology.

Q: Do you need at least 11 seconds of audio to apply voice identification methods.
A: No. It does not matter how long the audio voice sample is. We have special methods that can possibally be applied.

If another forensic video tech says an image is too dark or blurry to be clarified, does that mean it can't be used?
A: No. Our lab has unique techniques that can be applied to clarify an image.

Q: If a crime or individual is far away from the surveillance camera is the video useless?
A: No. Our lab can apply special techniques to clarify the most hard to see video.

Q: What if you cannot afford to hire professional forensic services?
A: If you can show that you qualify, funds can be made available by the court to pay the cost of these services.

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