Member of Superior Court Expert Witness Panel - PACE Registered


A qualified expert witness and member of the Los Angeles County Superior Court Expert Witness Panel, and San Bernardino County Superior Court, providing full legal audio and video forensic services and expert witness testimony for both defense and prosecution.

Complete media preparation audio and video evidence used in mediation, arbitration, hearings, and in the courtroom

Specialist in:
Voice Comparison and Identification
Biometric Morphological Analysis
Assess and Clarify Audio Evidence
Digital Photo and Video Forensic Clarification
Difficult Audio Transcription
Cellphone Extraction and Digital Investigation
Behavioral Analysis
Speed and Distance Analysis
Consulting & Court Testimony Authenticating

Court approved expert witness with proven results in creating clear courtroom presentations and digital media evidence.

Over 32 years experience in audio and video production in the private sector and a member of LEVA, IAI and AES.

Uniquely qualified to work with all aspects of digital media evidence to find strategies and approaches for any case involving video and audio.

Delivering first class customer service, modern delivery tactics, careful attention to detail, constant education in the newest technologies. Applying creative thinking inside and outside the box, helping to make a difference.


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