A new film about a brother & sister duo of high school elite hurdlers and their journey to the California State Championships.

Hurdle duo Mason Guzman-Sanchez (12th grader) and his sister Brisa (10th grader) are featured in the new documentary film STR8 2 ST8: A Clockman Vision Production. This cinema vérité—style documentary follows these two elite high school athletes. It captures their personal journey throughout the 2014, 2015 and 2016 season, exposing all of the complexities and depth of the adversity they're forced to overcome. Both student-athletes experienced unfortunate accidents in their 2013 season—accidents that kept them from competing in the California State Championships. Mason (in the 110-meter hurdles) and Brisa (in the 100-meter hurdles) strive to climb back emotionally and physically to achieve their dream.

The media so often focuses on the impression that American kids are loud, obnoxious, rebellious, out of control, up to no good, overweight, not exercising, or hooked on drugs. This film seeks to break those stereotypes as it shows how these two typical American kids handle life. Viewers are treated to a rare insight into high school sports and an intimate look at the challenges young athletes are dealing with today.

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Filming began in July 2013 and will continue throughout the 2016 season. The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), which governs interscholastic athletics and promotes equity, quality, character, and academic development, has sanctioned the production of this documentary.

Award-winning documentarian/director Thomas Guzman-Sanchez leads the Clockman Vision Productions team, which includes seasoned film director Robert Kubilos-Cabrero (MTV Road Rules), to bring this new documentary to life. Key interviews include Coach/Educator Michael Wellington, M.A.; Coach/Hurdler Art Simms; and Coach Gerald Hood.

StayFit Protein AviClin Labs CEO Adel Villalobos and OnTrack and Field, Inc. CEO Ron Morris (Silver Medalist in the 1960 Olympics, Rome, Italy) are key sponsors of the production. The film features the OnTrack new special narrow hurdles model (K100n) for 36" lanes.

This brother and sister team were also featured in the new Disney production of Win, Lose or Draw (the season begins airing in April), where they continue to set records. The 2014 season began March 6 for this elite hurdle duo and their Alemany Warriors track & field team (Missions Hills, CA). The schedule is available at AlemanyTrack.com. Follow these kids on their journey as they go "STR8 2 ST8. "


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