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1-20-2015 PR
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Honors Latino American Author and Urban Street Dance History

12-12-12 Article
American History Museum,Smithsonian Gardens,Smithsonian Institution,Smithsonian Latino Center
Underground Dance Masters: Final History of a Forgotten Era by Thomas Guzmán-Sánchez. According to the Institution's Marvette Perez, the text captures the essence of (what is mistakenly referred to as) hip-hop (dance) culture in California (and the United States), not only from a great student of urban street dance and popular culture, but one who was part of the movement back in the day, a great account. Looking at the Urban dance movement that predated hip-hop's origins, Sánchez details what made the urban street dance scene so unique.
(Recommended by Marvette Perez, curator of culture and the arts at the American History Museum)

11-2-12 Press Release
New Book Celebrates and Exposes the History and the Urban Street Dancers that are Responsible for the World Wide Phenomenon referred to as Hip Hop Dance.

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